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Gaz du Cameroun, or GDC as we are commonly known, is a fully integrated energy utility company that has pioneered the production and distribution of natural gas onshore in Cameroon, providing industries with clean, low cost and reliable energy.

GDC was established in 2007 and began operating the Logbaba Concession in 2009 being Cameroon's first and only onshore gas producer and distributor in the industrial port city of Douala. GDC is and remains a key energy partner to the Republic of Cameroon and was assigned the neighbouring Matanda Block in 2018. After its first drilling programme, GDC built its production facility on-site at Logbaba and developed its distribution network throughout the city of Douala to ensure continuous delivery of gas supply to its industrial customers.  By December 2022, GDC had invested over US$629 million total investments into Cameroon with US$112 million in taxes to the government of Cameroon. 

GDC has safely distributed a continuous supply of 23.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas for over 11 years from its well located at Logbaba. GDC is proud to enable its customers' growth by providing a reliable energy solution. GDC's approximately 32 customers over a diverse industry mix, from Breweries to Cement producers to Food Manufacturers are supplied from GDC's 52 Km gas pipeline network from the Process Plant in Ndogpassi, across the city and underneath the Wouri River, through Bonaberi, extending as far out as Bekoko.

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Gaz du Cameroun, Cameroon's first onshore natural gas producer and distributor is committed to providing its clients with low-cost

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